Applications of Research

There cannot be a single way to define the applications of research, but it should be understood that every research is done because there is some application. The research is done with an aim and the aim has a significance. The research proposal is submitted to a research committee, the committee discusses the applications and the significance of the research and on the basis of its application approves or rejects it. Some research are done with an aim to provide benefit to the masses while other research can be done with a very specific reason. On the basis of the application, the research can be classified into two types of research: pure research and applied research.

Applications of research

  • Pure research

The pure research also called as basic research is a fundamental research. The aim of the basic or pure research is not to find out solutions for the current problems but to think for the wider areas of life. Pure research often does not provide any benefits to the masses at the time it is done but in the future the results can be applied to gain benefits. Scientists often make wonderful discoveries while doing this kind of research. Some of these discoveries are purely coincidental and they do not plan for it. The purpose of the pure research is to gain greater knowledge of the world, develop new theories. Some researchers do pure research to discover new research tools, techniques, and strategies. In basic research, most of the time there is no time frame and the researcher can go on for several years.

  • Applied research

Applied research is done to get answers for the current problems. Applied research can be done to verify previously done research. Applied research seek to solve practical problems, scientists are in constant research to find out cure for diseases. The findings of the research give benefit to the real world. In applied research, there is a time frame and the researcher strictly follows it. The findings of the basic research, however, benefit the applied research in several ways. The tools, techniques and procedures that are discovered in pure research are used to find solutions in applied research.



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