What to Avoid in a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is an important part of research. Your research proposal can make your chances to get approval and or grant for your research. Remember proposal is the beginning of your study but if it gets rejected you have to work all the way again to develop a new one. In this case, you have to develop a new …

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Repetition in Academic Writing

repetition in academic writing

In academic writing, repetition of ideas, words, or phrases can bring monotony and make the writing redundant. There are however ways you can use to avoid this repetition in academic writing and make it more appealing to read. There are two ways the writer can introduce repetition in the research or other academic writing. One is when the writer repeats …

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Effective Ways to Improve Academic Writing

Effective Academic Writing

There are many effective ways to improve academic writing. Many of these ways students learn over time as they write academic research papers and essays. The good thing is that there are some effective techniques we need to know to write an academic writing. It is important to write effectively because through academic writing you communicate your ideas, findings, and …

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Essential Skills to Write a Research Paper

research skills

There are some essential skills required to write a research paper. Usually students have mastery to a certain extent over these skills, they learn these skills during their academic career. Research in itself helps the researcher gain more expertise in these skills. These skills may range from critical thinking, to creative writing, and problem solving to name a few. You …

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Discussion Chapter in a Research Paper

discussion chapter

How do you write the discussion chapter in a research paper? This part of the research paper requires an organized structure that summarizes the salient points of the research. These salient points are the outcomes of the results part of your research. You also need to integrate your results with the work of other researchers who worked on relevant topic. …

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Basic Research versus Clinical Research

Basic research By Linda Bartlett (Photographer) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Basic research is the foundation of every applied, clinical or any other form of research. “If you think of it in terms of construction, you can’t put up a beautiful, elegant house without first putting in a foundation,” says David Frank, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical …

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How to Cite a Website in a Research?

cite a website

How to cite a website, webpage, or a URL in a research paper? The citation of a website depends on two factors: one, what is the citation method you are using in your research paper; two, what are the available elements of citation present on the website. Website and webpages sometimes do not provide complete citation, therefore it becomes difficult …

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What is Exploratory Research?

exploratory research

An exploratory research explores the feasibility and significance of a future study. It is a pilot study that studies a situation, phenomenon, or a problem on a small scale. Sometimes the researcher dos not know the exact nature of the problem under study. The researcher thinks of exploring the problem and its different aspects before beginning the main study. Therefore, …

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Using Government Records for Research

Government records are very useful secondary source in the research. They provide large data that is otherwise cumbersome for the researcher to collect. Each of the government department collect data through census or other research that is often available for the researchers. For example, government departments like housing, social security, electoral statistics, tax records etc provide detailed statistics to the …

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The Most Difficult Part of Research

difficult part of research

Students often ask what is the most difficult part of research. Especially, those that are conducting and writing it for the first time they want to know what part is the hardest one. There is so single answer to what is the most difficult part of conducting a research or its writing. Everyone has different experience and therefore they find …

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