Understanding Research Designs

This sub-category is all about the study deign features.

Difference between Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Quantitative research

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research? This is an important question for every researcher, as a researcher you should know the basic difference between the two. There is a clear and well defined divide between these two types of researches that one can easily understand. In quantitative research the type of information sought, type of data, variables, …

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Types of Secondary Data in research

secondary data in research

Secondary data in research consists of several sources. Sometimes, secondary data is the only option because primary data is not available or difficult to reach. Secondary data is called secondary because it is already manipulated. But, there are ways a researcher can use to improve the reliability and credibility of the secondary data in research. For example, in qualitative research …

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Primary Data Collection Methods

primary data collection methods

Primary data collection methods make it possible for the researcher to gather first hand evidence about the topic. These methods provide a way to collect as close to authentic as possible research data. The researcher can use primary data, secondary data, or tertiary data in the research. But primary data collection methods are the best to use in scientific research. …

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