Publishing Research Paper

How to Publish Research Paper?

publish research paper

How to publish research paper in an international journal? There is a standard process that you need to follow to publish your research paper in an international journal. The researcher needs to know the process before he/she from the beginning of the research. Also, there is a need that the researcher strictly follows the criteria of good research. Some research …

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Writing and Publishing a Research Paper

Publish article thesis research

Written by Saira Naeem Researchers conduct research or study a phenomenon and write research papers on them for a number of purposes, they might include the following To know about something newTo answer specific research questionsFor finding solutions to a problem, orTo offer alternatives etc Once their research is complete, they most certainly would want their papers to get published in international journals, …

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Sharing of Research Results

Effective Academic Writing

Long time back it was a common practice by the scientists to hold research results and discoveries. they did not share research results due to a fear that if shared people will claim it as their own and get benefit form it. This was the time when researchers and scientists did not know how to share research discoveries while making …

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Research Authorship and Allocation of Credit

Research Authorship

What is research authorship Research authorship refers to the author or authors who have contributed to it and once the research is published there name appears as author name on the research. There can be a single author who did the research but many times there are two or more than two authors. Authors carry the responsibility of the research …

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Publication of Research: Author Responsibilities

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The requirements for publication of research differ among different journals. The researcher should read the instructions provided by the journal’s website about the submission criteria. The researcher can also contact the journal editorial board to get any question answered. You should know about the general and specific requirements of the journal where you want to submit your research for publication. …

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