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This category has everything you need to know about Research basics, history, steps, definitions, applications, characteristics and research types.

What is a Research Paper?

Research Paper

What is a research paper and why researcher write it? A research paper documents an investigation that a researcher has done in a particular field. It documents the whole process and the the outcomes. Since, it is important to document what you have done in your research. Documentation help other researchers who want to conduct research on a relevant topic. …

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Methods and Methodology in research

methods and methodology

Research methods and methodology are not interchangeable terms and they are both important for a research. Some students do not know whether they are talking about one or the other and this brings confusion for the reader. Generally, methodology is a broad term while methods is specific in nature. What you need to know….. A research method is a tool …

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What is the Relationship between Theory and Research?

theory and research

There is a continuous and ever evolving relationship between theory and research. Scientist and researcher conduct research to formulate and test theories. Scientist develop theory and they keep researching to test its validity. The scientists study the current knowledge available and find some propositions to test. These propositions are testable hypothesis that can help in the development of theory. Real …

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How can I Become Better at Research?

better research

How can I become better at research? It is a matter of time and experience that makes you better at research. In research we learn from our mistakes and several experienced scientists accept that they made a lot of mistakes in the past. These mistakes help them grow and learn more about their study. There are some general tips that …

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What is Novelty in Research?

novelty in research

How can I achieve novelty in research and how I should highlight it? Novelty is an important aspect of any research especially, in modern times we need novel research. There is a lot of work going on but most of them lack it. Review a lot As a researcher we must first accept that we need a lot of pre-research …

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Online Writing: Quality

better research

What exactly is the importance of quality in online writing? Quality is the essence of every writing online as well as paper-based. Quality can make a writing a par from others. What exactly is quality writing and how you can achieve it? Today, we see internet is bombarded with articles and blogs. Some of them meet the standard of quality …

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What is a Research Scope

What is research scope? How does it impacts the overall study? How to know the scope of your study? These are some important questions to ask yourself before you begin your study. It has impact on the overall study. It shows the significance of your study. Basically, the scope of a study defines the depth of your study to others. …

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Significance of a Study

What is the significance of a study or research paper and how to state it? How important it is to write a significant research paper? In easy words we can say that the significance of your research paper defines the rationale for your study. It also explains the worth and provides you a reason to work on a project. In …

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Protocol Design in Research

protocol design

A protocol design or research proposal is a written plan of the research. The protocol design can have any format or template. As long as the protocol design contains the necessary information the protocol is good. The protocol design should have the following parts. Objectives The objectives provides the reviewers an idea about the purpose of the study. If the …

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How to do a Systematic Review

Systematic review in research is a detailed search to find out all related information on a topic or subject and analyze it. A systematic approach helps in avoiding any bias in reviewing the literature. Systematic reviews aim at critically analyzing all the relevant information related to a research question. The researcher integrates all the information that is available analyzes, evaluates …

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