Research Characteristics

Rigor in a Research

rigor in research

Rigor in a research means quality control, there is no science without rigor. You need rigor to make your research valid, reliable, generalizable, and authentic. So, in a sense rigor comes first and then you can say that your research has all other characteristics. While rigor improves validity, reliability, and reproducibility of a research but of course it is not …

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What is Novelty in Research?

novelty in research

How can I achieve novelty in research and how I should highlight it? Novelty is an important aspect of any research especially, in modern times we need novel research. There is a lot of work going on but most of them lack it. Review a lot As a researcher we must first accept that we need a lot of pre-research …

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What is a Research Scope

What is research scope? How does it impacts the overall study? How to know the scope of your study? These are some important questions to ask yourself before you begin your study. It has impact on the overall study. It shows the significance of your study. Basically, the scope of a study defines the depth of your study to others. …

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External Validity in Research

external validity in research

Written by Saira Naeem There are two main types of validity internal validity and external validity. While internal validity is concerned with how well the research is structured, its procedural processes (research design and methods) and how it is conducted so that a cause and effect relationship can be upheld. External validity refers to the generalizability of the research findings or conclusions. …

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Internal Validity in Research

internal validity in research

Written by Saira Naeem A researcher conducting a study or experiment generally wants two things to happen. The researcher wants the study and the findings to be valid and reliable. Validity and reliability are two most important characteristics of research. While you may feel that these two terms can be used interchangeably, one in place of the other. There’s a …

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Generalizability in Qualitative Research

generalizability in qualitative research

How to achieve generalizability in qualitative research? It has long been perceived that qualitative research lacks generalizability. The qualitative researchers argue that the aim behind qualitative research is not to achieve generalizability as the results are only relevant to a small group of population. The researchers working on quantitative research methods think that qualitative research lacks in external validity. The …

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What is Accuracy in Research?

accuracy in research

Accuracy in research is a research characteristic that provides a way to know how close are the sample parameters to population characteristics. So accuracy means how precisely the measured value or findings reflect the real or the original values. By measuring the accuracy of the research the researcher can prove that the research is generalizable, reliable, and valid. Validity, reliability …

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What is Generalizability in Research?

research interests

In this article we will discuss what is generlaizability in research. We will discuss how and why generalizability is an important characteristic of research. How the researchers can improve the generalizability of their research by using certain tools. The researcher should have understanding of how to make a research generalizable before conducting the research. Definition Generalizability can be defined as …

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Characteristics of Research

Characteristic of research

Research is a scientific inquiry the aim of every research is to add to the available knowledge. Regardless of any methodology or approach, every research should confirm to the scientific and research standards. These standards are called the characteristics of research. Definitions of research More than hundreds of definitions of research have been available in written form in different books, …

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What is Reliability and Validity in Research?

reliability and validity

Reliability and validity are two important concerns in research, and, both reliability and validity are the expected outcomes of research. Validity means you are measuring what you claimed to measure. On the other hand, reliability claims that you will get the same results on repeated tests. There is a relationship between both characteristics of research, however, it does not mean …

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