How to Choose topic
How to Choose topic

Discussion Chapter in a Research Paper

How do you write the discussion chapter in a research paper? This part of the research paper requires an organized structure that summarizes the salient points of the research. These salient points are the outcomes of the results part of your research. You also need to integrate your results with the work of other researchers who worked on relevant topic. You need to inform the reader about the gap in knowledge and what are your suggestions for further research. Therefore, the discussion section let the readers know about the topic in a broad sense.

Discussion chapter

The discussion chapter of the research paper is extensive analysis of the results you have obtained from your study. You need a lot many skills to accomplish this part successfully. For example, you need critical thinking, creative writing, organizational, brainstorming, and questioning skills.

A little about the results

The results section of the research paper already lists all the results that you have received from your research. This list is usually in the form f tables and/or graphs. So, here in the discussion chapter the researcher only needs to tell the audience a little about the results. It is better that you only write about the extreme results, the extremely significant or extremely insignificant. If you completely omit writing about the results here the readers will have to turn back every time to see the results in the result section.

Analyse the results

Of curse, the most important part of the discussion chapter is the analysis of the results. The researcher should critically analyse all the important data outcomes. Also explain what is the significance of the particular result and how it supports your hypothesis.The researcher needs good writing skills to accomplish this part of the research because you need to write precisely. You need to tell the reader how your results add to the current knowledge of the topic.

Relate results to current knowledge

Tell the readers how the results will add to the available body of knowledge. Any research that does not add to the current knowledge has no value. So, like you explained in the introduction section the significance of your research now you have proof to show what, why, and how your research is significant.

Current gap in knowledge

Although every research adds to the knowledge available about a topic there are same gaps left that need further research. Research is an ongoing process and every new research poses several new questions to investigate. This is a god way to help other researcher think about the possible future research. Also, in this way you help set up a trend of research for future studies.



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