How to Cite Newspaper Articles?

To understand how to cite newspaper articles one needs to know the elements of citation that are present in the newspaper. Every newspaper has a name, the articles have a title and author name, editor name and page numbers. There are certain guidelines to follow to cite these elements when you are using a newspaper article in your research.

You should also be aware of the fact that newspaper articles are mostly opinion based and therefore their credibility is lesser then the scholarly articles books and journals. The use of newspaper articles in research is more common where the researcher cannot gather facts from other sources. Sometimes archives have old newspapers that provide valuable information about a time in the history. An incident that happened in the past may not have data available and can be checked in the archives in the newspapers.

How to cite newspaper articles in research

The following guidelines should be followed when you are citing newspaper article in your research paper.

Name of the newspaper

The name of the newspaper should be cited as it is except that omit the article “the” from the name of the newspaper. The name of the newspaper should precede city, or state name where it is published. Write the name of the foreign newspaper in the same language in which it appears on the newspaper and you can add the name of the country from where it is published in parentheses.

Title of the article

The title of the article can be written in quotation marks and it should follow the name of the author. The name of the newspaper should follow the article title and the name of the newspaper should be italicized to make it distinct from the article title. The name of the city where it has been published should be in parentheses after the name of the newspaper but if the name of the city is present in the name of the newspaper there is no need to mention city name again.

Date of publication

The date of publication should be the last element of the citation of newspaper article. The date can be written in the format: (date, month, year). When the newspaper is accessed online then the date of the publication should come right after the newspaper name and again the date the URL is accessed should be at the end.

In-text citation

In-text citation of newspaper require at least stating the name of the newspaper as well as the date when it has been published for example “It has been stated in New York Times on (Oct 17, 2017) that”, this will give an idea to the reader about how old is your reference and where can he/she find it.


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