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How to Write a Successful Research Paper

Written by Saira Naeem

We all need to succeed in whatever we do in life. Whether it is on the academic, personal or professional front, we all want to be successful. However, success doesn’t come easily, success requires a certain frame of mind, an attitude, a motivation and a determination to do well in addition to knowledge and practice.

Take the example of an athlete who wants to win a gold medal in a race, in addition to the training and practice, if the person doesn’t have faith in his/her ability to win, then win he/she shall not no matter how hard he/she tries.

Same is the case when writing for your research paper. You wont be able to write a successful research paper or get that A+ with a negative frame of mind. In other words you need a strong belief in your ability to write.

I remember my father asking me to pump my fists and speak aloud the phrase “ I can do this” every time I had a tough exam coming up. The attitude helped immensely in making the task feel less daunting and many a times in life I did succeed and get that  A+  I was aiming for.

Similarly while students may break into a cold sweat whenever the professor asks them to submit their research paper….it is not such a massive task and you can write a successful research paper quite easily if you follow these simple steps that we believe are crucial for successful writing. While other articles may give the age old tips of choosing the right topic, formatting etc we believe in starting from this point forward

Establish a working rapport with your supervisor

A good teacher student relationship will do a wealth of good to your research paper. Get to know what your supervisor wants to see in your research paper. This will make the task easier, just ASK QUESTIONS regarding your topic and paper, pay attention to the advice given by the supervisor, ask for suggestions and  improvements whenever possible. With all the timely feedback and the two of your working together to smooth out the rough edges, the piece of research is bound to be a success!

Topic selection

Time and again we came across this point as an essential tip for writing a good quality research paper. We too believe its important, because its a known fact that one can write with authority and complete command only when one has a genuine interest in the topic. Once your interest is piqued you are bound to really dig in and do all the necessary research and therefore be able to write quality work. The more the quality and hard work you put into the research phase, the better would the quality of the written work and higher the chance of success.

Resources and references

When writing be sure to use resources and references that are reliable. This helps to increase the credibility and accuracy as a writer as well as that of your research paper. While professors can lend a helping hand to point out the relevant textbooks, journals etc sometimes you can also use interviews, studies and government documents as your sources of reference.

Make an outline

The outline will act as a roadmap or guide for your writing process. Some universities advise to pinpoint key themes and patterns so that these can be highlighted throughout the paper. These themes can help you in creating sub topics and thus help ensure a steady and regular flow of thoughts, ideas and arguments. The more persuasive your writing the greater your chance of success.

Formatting guide lines

All your hard work can add up to nothing if you fail to follow the guidelines for formatting the document issued by the institute or your professor. Pull the reader in through a well written introduction, leave ample time for reviewing and proof reading and make sure to cite according to guidelines, improper citation leads to lower grades. If you are unfamiliar with the formatting and citation guidelines look for manuals for writers and follow those.


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