Integrating Resource Information in Research Writing

The purpose of integrating resource information in research writing is to acknowledge the sources that you have used as an idea. The resource information in research includes all the sources that you have used in the introduction, review of literature, and results and discussions section. The documentation of these sources should be done accurately and in a specific manner. The specific manner in which you will document the resource information in research is dependent on your chosen method of citation.

You can document the information about the source in the beginning, middle, or at the end of the text but it should be kept in mind that it should be well integrated with the text. There should not be jumps in reading and the reader can have a smooth reading experience. There are various ways that you can use to integrate the documentation of the resource in the text.

  1. Vary the wording that you use to introduce the resource text. Sometimes we feel easier to use the word says, states, writes, if these words become repetitive every other paragraph becomes monotonous. Rather than using same repetitive words again and again use different words that can replace the words says, states etc. There might be different words that will fit in different situations like sometimes you need to confirm, assert, express, declare, affirm, or reveal etc.
  2. Make documented material fit grammatically into your own sentences and you can do this in various ways. Where you find it difficult to fit some information in your paragraph you can use ellipsis, square brackets etc. This will help make the information more fitting and appropriately placed. You should also be careful as to how much information you need to present in your paragraph. There might be a long note that you saved on your note card but once you are adding it in your research paper be careful. You do not need to add extra or irrelevant information in your paragraph. A single sentence can explain the concept better than a whole passage and makes it easier for you to incorporate it in your writing. When students add long quotes or summaries from a source the source overrides their expression.
  3. Document information anywhere in a sentence or in a paragraph, some students keep documenting the source at the beginning or at the end. This type of documentation gives a cut and paste look to your research writing. The reader feels like you did not put any effort other than pasting information from different sources. To avoid this monotonous feeling vary the placement of the sources in the paragraphs.
  4. Use wordings that show what follows is not your own, this is very important to avoid any confusion. The reader become confused if the idea is yours or you have used a source if you do not use proper words.
  5. Instead of documenting every line in a paragraph, group the citations for a single passage. There might be more than one source that you have used for a paragraph you do not need to cite each and every source separately in a paragraph rather group them together at the end.
  6. Use paraphrases and summaries, not just quotations, to support what you say. Some students find it easier to use only quotations to present their sources which is easier but makes the research paper boring. Use a combination of quotations, summaries, paraphrases etc so that the reader can have a great reading experience.
  7. No more than 15 percent of your paper should be other peoples’ ideas, rest of your paper should be your words, ideas, and opinions. Whenever you use a quotation in a paragraph try to precede and follow the quotation with your own words and ideas.


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