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Online Writing: Quality

What exactly is the importance of quality in online writing? Quality is the essence of every writing online as well as paper-based. Quality can make a writing a par from others. What exactly is quality writing and how you can achieve it? Today, we see internet is bombarded with articles and blogs. Some of them meet the standard of quality while others are full of crap. Of course, the problem lies in the absence of check and balance. Because, anyone can write and publish, some of them copy. It is easy to claim a work as yours without proper credit for others work.

How to achieve quality in this age of quantity? And, above all how you can make sure that the quality content gets visibility.

Achieving quality in online writing

There are many issues when you want to write a quality content. Specially, you want your online content to be visible as well. You want to use SEO techniques along with the traditional techniques of writing. But, of course, the most important element of any writing is its quality.

Avoid repetition

Quantity is the biggest threat to quality in writing. For example, you are writing an online article and you get tempted by adding a few more lines to make it long. This temptation can sometimes ruin an otherwise good piece of writing. Why? Because this extra addition means repetition and your writing does not need it. Repetition makes your writing monotonous and boring to the readers.

Mot of the time repetition occurs in writing because we did not do proper research on our topic. Or, else, we do not have enough expertise and we try to manage it by writing the same point again and again.

Avoid Clichés

Just like repetition, clichés can make your writing boring. This monotony can make the reader less interested in reading it completely. It is easy to write content that contains phrases probably you copied from other place. But, these phrases will make your work weak to the readers.

A blogger wants to have returning readers who are loyal. There are many ways you can make sure that clichés are not there. Ask yourself a lot of questions why, when, how, and what is the right way to deal with your topic. Readers want to read a specific, to the point, and precise answer to their problems. The use of clichés can make your writing unnecessarily long and not worth reading.

Bring originality

A good piece of writing is always original and belongs to the writer. Although, you can always quote or summarize other’s work but after giving credit to the writer. Also, ask permission from the writer where it is required. On the other hand, copying without credit is a crime.

It is really difficult to write original posts in today’s world of blogging. but, obviously, it is not impossible, All you have to do is to research and find out what are the gaps that you can fill with your writing on a topic. Ask yourself several questions what is the best way to approach this topic and do a lot of brain storming. Only then you will be able to write an original post.

Make it novel

Ask yourself can you write this topic in a way that makes it different from others? This is novelty that can make your work above par from others. It is necessary to bring novelty, especially, when the topic is already treated by several authors in the past.

There are many ways to bring novelty in your writing some tools are very useful. One thing is sure that to bring novelty you should read other related articles and see how your article is different from them. Your article should present something different may be a new idea on the same topic. This will make sure that your writing is different from all of them.

Make it correct

Of course, no body wants to have a lot of mistakes in their writing. But, mistakes sometimes occur due to our negligence. Luckily, today we have a lot of software online that can help us find any language, grammar, or spelling mistake and to correct it. You can ask someone to proofread your article if you are not sure about your English writing skills. Also there are many tools and information online about how to write correctly.

Some people find it really annoying to see eve a single mistake while they are reading online. Others might be okay with moderate mistakes but overall your writing should be as much mistake free as possible.

Ask the readers

Your readers are a constant source of feedback to you. Sometimes, readers may try to criticize you without any aim to bring change. If you encounter such criticism ignore it, otherwise, readers can provide you positive feedback. This feedback can help you groom your writing skills.




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