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Sample Marketing Research Topics

More often than not the person supervising a research project is bound to get this question asked by his/her students, how do I choose a topic for my research paper/project?

Choosing a topic of research can be challenging and one needs to keep certain points in mind while choosing one’s topic which are

* The topic of research should be interesting

* The research topic should be neither too broad nor too narrow

* The topic must be researchable, clear and feasible

So in other words you try to think about a problem that you are interested in exploring and then write about it …this approach to your research would definitely make your work a lot easier.

If you choose to write a research paper on marketing you need to understand first and foremost what marketing is?


Even in today’s world that is bombarded with information of all kinds many people overlook the importance of the right kind of marketing for their business, it should be remembered however that it is an essential ingredient if you want to move your business forward and gain a cutting edge over competition.

So what is marketing exactly Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over those of competitors.

Business consultant Evan Charmical does a wonderful job of identifying three main purposes of marketing, they are

* Capture the attention of the target market

* Facilitate the prospect’s purchasing decision

* Provide the customer with a specific, low risk, easy to take action

Since marketing is so important a concept and phenomenon it is also an area of intense research. The good and the bad news at the same time is the availability of overwhelming amount of data. So while writing a paper on marketing you will carefully need to choose the topic and filter the unrelated information.

For your benefit listed below are 25 research topics, though you need to remember that marketing strategies change quickly so you need to combine them with the latest marketing trends in order to write the perfect research paper; hope this list helps in getting your dream research paper done with ease

* Social media marketing

* Market segmentation

* Telemarketing

* Relationship marketing

* Relationship between marketing research, customer knowledge and business sale

* The leadership among marketing team

* Effect of recession in promotional activities

* Website usability and it’s impact on marketing

* Attitude of people in different roles towards direct marketing

* Loyalty programs as instruments of marketing

* Maternity and baby products marketing

* The factors affecting positive and negative word of mouth in the restaurant industry

* Pharmaceutical marketing and ethics

* Effect of gender on family buying decision

* The impact of brand extension on brand personality

* How do brands exploit impulsive buying?

* Brand attributes that lead to an increase in customer loyalty

* Marketing challenges around the evolving family structures

* Harmful effects of advertising to kids

* Impact of humor in advertising

* Influence of social media marketing on consumer behavior

* Is globalization having an impact on consumer behavior?

* Manipulation tactics used by brands to get more customers

* Impact of advertising on consumer behavior

* Effect of consumer promotions and discount offerings on brand equity



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