Significance of a Study

What is the significance of a study or research paper and how to state it? How important it is to write a significant research paper? In easy words we can say that the significance of your research paper defines the rationale for your study. It also explains the worth and provides you a reason to work on a project. In your academic career you might have to write several research papers, your research jury or your research advisor passes a topi on the basis of its significance.

In general, while you are beginning to search and select a topic for your study think about the problems that the society is facing today. Think about some general or specific concern of the society and how you can bring a solution to solve this problem. Also think about the solution that you are providing to solve this problem.

Current issues that require greater attention are a good problems to study. but also you can write a research paper on a problem that can arise in future. Some scientists develop prototypes that future scientists work on and develop real world solutions for problems.

Where to write the significance?

The significance of your research paper is written in the introduction section. There is no hard and fast rule on how long the significance you can write. But you can write one paragraph on it. Also write precisely because it explains the importance of your study. There are two questions that you answer in the significance.

  • What is the significance of your research to society?
  • What is the significance of your research to science?

You can point to the research question while writing the significance. This will enable the readers directly understand the importance of your study. Also write about the general significance of your study. Then, write about the specific. This will help you write precisely about the topic. A very important way is to make every word count.




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