Starting to Write your Research Paper

Starting to write your research paper, may make you feel a little intimidated, as with any other piece of writing. The blank screen or page sometimes make you feel how and where to start writing. The first word or the first paragraph seems a little difficult but as you start writing you become more confident that you can do it. It does not, however, mean that every other person might go through the same difficulty in the beginning. Some people feel very confident as they begin writing their research paper. Every student as he start to write knows enough about the subject matter.

When you are starting to write your research paper you should know that a good beginning is logical and natural. There is no hard and fast rule as what to write and how to write it in the beginning. You need to follow your instincts, and your knowledge of subject matter. Good writing skill is also important in achieving best results.

Starting to Write Your Research Paper

A good opening of a research paper gives the readers an idea of what they should expect in the research paper. Just like the research topic gives the reader an expectation of what is in the research paper. It is a gateway that can motivate the reader to enter or not. It also gives an idea to the readers that what will be the conclusion of your research paper. Following are some guidelines to writing a good beginning.

  1. You have chosen a subject now as you start to write your research paper clarify it in detail. This clarification is more like a definition of the subject. This definition needs not be from some dictionary, explain the topic in your own words.
  2. After defining the subject you need to give your opinion about the subject. The purpose of this clarification is to tell the readers what is your stance about this subject. It will help the readers know what specifically is the direction in which you will take the subject.
  3. You can also provide some statistics to make your beginning worthy. Any recent event or research related to your point of view can be quoted. It should be some precise quote or statistic that can increase the validity of your stance.
  4. You do not need to write a fancy opening. A research paper is a formal piece of writing so try to write facts and figures rather than making it too flimsy.
  5. Not too fancy but the beginning of the research paper should not be too simple as well. Make it interesting so that the reader wants to read it on.
  6. Do not repeat the title or the fact that you once mentioned in the beginning. Some students make a mistake of repeating the topic statement again and again. As there is only one topic statement in each paragraph so you should not place two sentences of equal importance in the beginning paragraph. Doing so can make your beginning confusing and vague.
  7. Never start your research paper with a week sentence like “this paper is about or in this paper you will read about”. Start your research paper with something strong that gives it a good beginning.
  8. It is also a good idea to start your research paper with some quote that you found very relevant to your topic.
  9. The beginning of the research paper can also cover a general idea about your topic. In later paragraphs you can cover more specifically about the research topic.
  10. Some students prefer to explain key terms in the introductory paragraph so that the readers do not have any confusion later.
  11. A good beginning for a science based research paper can be some definitions about the topic and other keywords. While a good beginning for a humanity or arts research paper can be a quote or some very informative text that you have read as you researched your topic.

Every student faces difficulty to different extent as he/she begins writing the research paper. Keep in mind that once you are done with the practical aspects of the research paper you already have compiled all the information that you need. You should not get intimidated as you have everything that can help you have a good start.


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