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Starting to Write your Research Paper

Starting to write your research paper, may make you feel a little intimidated, as with any other piece of writing. The blank screen or page sometimes make you feel how and where to start writing. The first word or the first paragraph seems a little difficult but as you start writing you become more confident that you can do it. …

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Five Steps to Writing a Research Paper

There are five steps to writing a research paper that every student should follow. In every course or subject research paper are assigned to the students so that they learn to undertake a study by themselves to present their material to critically evaluate a topic For the first time students find some of the steps quite difficult to undertake but …

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How to Manage Time in Writing a Research Paper

You need to be a little skillful to be able to manage time in writing a research paper. It isn’t necessary that you have a lot of knowledge of your research topic to manage your time and other resources while writing the research paper. A person with lesser knowledge of the research topic can manage time in writing a research …

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