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How to Select a Research Paradigm?

selection of a research paradigm

How to select a research paradigm for your research study? Selecting a research paradigm for your research study requires a thorough understanding of what are the characteristics of each research paradigm. A research paradigm is a philosophy, methodology, epistemology, and ontology that provides complete guidelines to conduct a research. A research paradigm gives direction and path to conduct the research. Every research paradigm follows anyone of the research …

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What are Research Paradigms?

methods and methodology

What are research paradigms and what is their importance in research? Once the researcher finalizes the research topic the next thought is about the approach or methodology to follow for the research. There are three questions that the researcher need to ask before beginning the actual research: The ontological inquiry: What is the reality that the researcher wants to explore …

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Introduction to Research Paradigms

In social, physical and behavioral sciences there are two research paradigms that form the foundations of the research. Research paradigms are a very extensive topic and to deal with such topic you need to go in a comprehensive discussion about them. Here in this article, we will only define the two basic research paradigms, their uses, and their characteristics. A …

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