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Writing a Research Paper: Advice for Students

Writing a research paper is not something that a student learns well until he/she do it practically. It is not something that will come to you naturally, although some students are good writers than others. There are some rules of writing a research paper even if you are a good writer you need to know the rules of writing a …

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Writing Style in a Research Paper

The writing style in a research paper needs to be conventional and should abide by the guidelines provided by the institute. The aim of your writing should be to communicate properly to the audience. The text should feel organized and should flow smoothly. A good piece of writing follows a rhythm and flow and it has some sequence of ideas. …

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Taking Notes for Research Paper

As you start taking notes for research paper keep in mind that the only way to do it is to do it systematically . By systematically it means that you should note down all the information along with the note that you have recorded with yourself. The information about the note should include the bibliographic data, any especial observation or …

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Writing Style in a Research

The writing style in a research paper should be one that focuses on the clear communication, straightforwardness and free of bias. Writing a research paper is quite different from writing any other work, you have to follow a specific style of writing through out your research paper. In order to be more accurate ask your teacher about any questions that …

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Why Write a Literature Review in Research

Why write a literature review in research? Every student thinks about this question at least once, what are the benefits of writing a literature review? ¬†Before writing the literature review one must understand the significance of reviewing the literature and writing it in your research paper. The significance of the literature review is twofold, it benefits you a lot as …

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Writing a Research Report

The purpose of writing a research report is to maintain a record of the research work you have done. The written manuscript enables the reader to get in-depth information about the methods, tools and techniques used in your research and the findings of your research. Therefore, having an organized written manuscript after the successful completion of the research work is …

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The Research Proposal Sample

Research Proposal

A research proposal is an important part of the research process. A research proposal is presented to the committee who judges the topic of the research and the methodology. The committee suggests any suggestions, recommendations, improvements and amendments to improve the proposed research. Sometimes the committee rejects the research on some sound basis but that is very uncommon. The research …

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