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What is Action Research?

Action research

Action research comprises a type of research that is focused towards designing new means and ways to improve the conditions and practices in different situations. The basis for this typology is the objective of the research. On the basis of the objective of the research we can categorize research into basic research, applied research, and action research. Kurt Lewin in …

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Types of Research Articles

There are many types of research articles that are published in scholarly journals. Journal articles include scientific studies, literature reviews, theoretical articles, case studies, and methodological articles. The purpose of writing these articles is to: advance the knowledge in a particular subject area; to publish articles that can be used for later research; and to answer a question that is …

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Types of Research Studies

Research Studies

There are various types of research studies and they have been categorized on several bases. However, the different types of research studies are different in perspective but the main goal is to gather facts and figures to get some information about a phenomenon, situation, people or object. Types of research studies Below are listed some types of research studies from …

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What is Research

What is research

What is research Research is a way of thinking, bringing out new ideas, solving problems, exploring new possibilities and making new discoveries. The approach to seek this knowledge is always scientific and hence systematic. The job of the researcher is to be rigorous in the search of knowledge. The researcher has to make sure that he is using the most …

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Primary Data Collection Methods

primary data collection methods

Primary data collection methods make it possible for the researcher to gather first hand evidence about the topic. These methods provide a way to collect as close to authentic as possible research data. The researcher can use primary data, secondary data, or tertiary data in the research. But primary data collection methods are the best to use in scientific research. …

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