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The Most Difficult Part of Research

Students often ask what is the most difficult part of research. Especially, those that are conducting and writing it for the first time they want to know what part is the hardest one. There is so single answer to what is the most difficult part of conducting a research or its writing. Everyone has different experience and therefore they find different phases of research easy or difficult.

Topic selection

Some researcher find it hard to begin research and formulate a research topic. A good research topic is a big step towards a successful research. But sometimes it is not that easy because you need a research topic that is workable for you, narrowed down to the best possible, and clear and precise. But, of course not everyone encounters similar problems in formulating a topic for their research. Some people find the best topic as a result of some discussion with the research supervisor, friends, research partners etc. Sometimes brainstorming helps or a topic suddenly comes into your mind that is most suitable for your situation.

Source of information

Another difficulty arises when you have to find the sources of information for your research. You need plenty of sources directly and indirectly related to your research topic. Sometimes the topic is one that is less researched in the past. Otherwise, most of the information s lost and you need to find sources but they are few. Similarly, sometimes the books and journals you need are not available in your library database. All or any of these situations bring a new difficulty in the research writing. But there is always a solution the librarian in your institute or public library can help you find the best possible sources. You can request your librarian to get the required material from another library.

Research methodology

When you finally collect the sources and review literature you need to design a research methodology. Research methodology is your solution to get the best possible answer to your research question. If you are stuck somewhere and could not decide what should be the right methodology you should ask your research supervisor, research adviser, or your teacher to guide you in your selection.

A possible solution is to read a lot of research relevant to your topic and evaluate their methodologies. Check how their selection of a specific methodology helped them and how and where were the gaps. This will help broaden your horizon about the possibilities of selection of research methodology.

Evaluation and analysis

The big part of your research paper encompasses the evaluation of the data that you obtained from your research. This evaluation and analysis can make your research successful or not. There is also a big responsibility that you provide valid, reliable, and authentic data and its evaluation. Therefore, you need to explain your results that is unbiased and naturally result form the real data.


We all are guilty of procrastination sometimes and in some situation. But over delay can become risky because you have a limited time period to complete your research. If you find it hard to work on time and deliver each goal timely as yourself what is delaying you. There are possible reasons like problem with focus, lack of self-control, unrealistic goals, lack of discipline etc. The key is to ask yourself a lot of questions before to understand the cause.

A hurdle or a mistake

Conducting and writing research requires systematic, organized, and structured efforts from the researcher/s. Any researcher who fails to understand or apply this will face difficulties in research. These difficulties can range from some small hurdles that the researcher can overcome as soon as realized to big issues that lead to failed research. Once there is a problem and you find it you should stop, reflect, and find ways to solve it. A problem that you did not realize can become big if taken to the next phase of the research.

Therefore, we can say that there is no one most difficult part of research but actually it depends on how you experience it. Your prior knowledge in your field and in research surely helps you throughout the research process.



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