What to Avoid in a Research Proposal?

A research proposal is an important part of research. Your research proposal can make your chances to get approval and or grant for your research. Remember proposal is the beginning of your study but if it gets rejected you have to work all the way again to develop a new one. In this case, you have to develop a new proposal and will have less time for the actual research process.

A research proposal is an important aspect of your study and therefore you should avoid those mistakes that can lead to the rejection of your research. What are those mistake? There can be many mistakes that can lead to rejection of proposal in your case. Some of them are more common and therefore, you should avoid them.


#1 Going against the template

Every university or institute provides the students with a template to write the proposal. The proposal should strictly follow it to avoid any chances of rejection. When you do not seriously follow the template you can miss some important part of the proposal.

#2 Unnecessary details

As you should not miss any part of the template also you should not provide unnecessary details. A proposal has a fixed number or range of words so you should not exceed it. Your proposal provides an idea about your future study, it is not the actual study. Therefore, do not make it lengthy with details that do not matter at this time. When you add too many details it takes too much time and you waste more time in formulating the proposal.

#3 Repetition

Repetition kills research and so does any other academic writing. Same as for the unnecessary details also avoid repetition of words or sentences. In your proposal you have to provide each explanation once and you suffice the purpose. Although you can repeat in your proposal how your study will help fill the gaps in knowledge. But even then do not use the same phrases or sentences try to use different phrases each time.

#4 Broken or missed references

References or bibliography is important in research because of many reasons. It provides due credit to the author of the original research. Also it adds credibility to your research and the readers are able to know about the original source. Whenever you paraphrase, summarize, or quote a reference also write down the source of the text or image. Make sure that you have the right spellings and punctuation of the references.

#5 Complicated details

Your research proposal aims to tell about your future research in simplistic manner. If there are some complicated details that you must provide in the proposal be ready to explain them to the jury. Nothing should be left unexplained in the proposal or otherwise the jury will find it too complex and non practical.



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