Writing First Draft of Research Paper

Writing first draft of research paper

After days of research you are ready to write the first draft of research paper. When you first start to write down the ideas and the information you have compiled over some time, it might seem difficult. There are a lot of people who are ready to write as they sit down. There are also a lot of people who become intimidated by the blank screen and take time to write down even a single word. It does not matter how much you know about the subject matter, to write a research paper you need some knowledge of the writing skills.

The best thing you can do to avoid any confusion is to compile and note down each and every point and idea during your research. While doing the research stay organized and while writing the research stay focused. Keep the writing style, wording and paragraphs simple to understand and to the point. At any point if you are still confused ask your teacher or an expert in your field. Internet today is also a quick source of information if you are stuck during the writing process. Do not feel too much overwhelmed while writing the first draft of research paper you will have plenty of time to correct it  later.

The Use of Words

Your writing is basically composed of words so it is vital to use correct words to convey your message. While choosing words be careful do not try to be too much fancy, over-technical, over-complicated, gaudy, or casual. You need to use more neutral words that do not play with anyone’s emotions, especially, while dealing with sensitive issues be careful that your words does not have any double-meaning to the audience. Some words might make your research paper look less authentic. Use simple to understand words as technical as your research paper requires.

Your words should specifically describe the image you want to show. A very general, vague word cannot explain precisely what you want to explain. Word like scared can be too general to explain the situation, you can replace it to words like panicked, petrified, overwhelmed, vulnerable, appalled, aghast etc. The word should show the exact image as well as the exact intensity of the situation.

The Sentences

The use of effective sentences can develop an effective writing. The sentences need to be not too long so that the reader become confused and not too short so that it could not convey the whole idea. Each sentence should have clarity, focus and precision in it. Use precise and concise sentences that can explain the idea well. Do not try to stylize the content neither make  it too casual and simple. You should carefully use and organize the words in your sentence so it is most effective.

You can join words, phrases or clauses to build strong sentences. Doing so make sure that you use the correct grammar and make the sentence harmonious. You need to keep a balance between simple sentences, compound sentences and parallel structure in your research paper.

Each paragraph in a writing is identified by coherence, unity and a central idea. To make a good paragraph you should have a central idea a topic statement, a beginning and a conclusion in it.

Every student knows the fact that each paragraph should have a main idea but yet they sometimes fail to follow it. To follow a single idea in each paragraph you need to follow the topic sentence and do not wander away from it. For example, this simple topic sentence “there is a difference between cyclone and hurricane”. The paragraph should only focus on the difference between the two rather than emphasizing other ideas of the research topic.

The paragraph should include some evidence supporting your idea and your analysis on that idea. Your analysis should take up the most part of each paragraph. Inside the paragraph you should order your material in a way that makes it logical and coherent. It should also be kept in mind that the transitions between each paragraph should also be very smooth and natural. There should be a flow throughout the body of your research paper so that each paragraph is unique but still connected to one another.

Use of Proper Tense

Generally research papers are written in active voice, the use of passive voice should be avoided to minimum. Active voice is dynamic and adds to the strength of the sentence. The use of correct tense and grammar gives your paper weight as it is more valid. Carelessly written research paper usually contains more grammatical and tense errors. You need to use a combination of present and past tense in your research paper depending on whether its something happening or happened.

Writing Style

Writing style of the research paper should be formal and academic. Basically there are two academic styles that are used in research papers: one is MLA or Modern Language Association style and the other one is APA or American Psychological Association style. There are also other styles like Harvard style of citation and bibliography and Chicago and Turabian writing format. Your research paper topic determines what style you need to use for your research paper.

Regardless of what style you follow you can only use one style throughout your research paper. Every institute has their own rule as to what writing style particularly you need to follow in your research paper.

Keep in mind that the first draft of research paper needs to be reviewed several times. After several reviews you will be finally confident about it. It is okay and natural to have mistakes in your first draft of research paper. Your focus should be to organize your content so that you can review it.


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