How do you get a Baby Sleep Through the Night

Baby sleeping

Having a baby is the most precious experience one can ever have in life. Babies especially infants sleep for more than 18 hours during the day and night. They develop sleep pattern and most of the babies follow that pattern. There are some babies who do not sleep for long time and they keep on crying when they are awoke …

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How to teach Children Not to Tell Lies

All children lie at some time in life, this is often temporary and they stop telling lies as they grow up. Children are not aware that they are doing something against the norms of society. They do it for many reasons but they learn the importance of telling the truth soon. Sometimes children do not stop telling lies and they …

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How to Write Great Articles Online

Online Article Writing

So many of us are good at writing and we want to make it our profession. Professional writing can be of various forms; you can write for a local newspaper, magazine or newsletter and become a journalist; you can do freelance writing online; you can provide service to the students by writing essays or research work or you can do …

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How to Prevent the Signs of Premature Aging

Fight Premature Aging

Premature aging is one of the growing concerns nowadays. Nobody can live forever and nobody can stop the process of aging but premature aging can be stopped and can be delayed for some time. Wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation and rough skin are all sign of premature aging. There is not a single reason behind premature aging but many. Most of …

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Step-by-Step of Writing a Good Essay

Essay Writing

Essay writing is one of the major part of academic education. Essay and essay writing is done in different stages of academic life. Essay writing is also done in postgraduate studies and scholars have to write essay papers too. Essay papers are like essays but they are more specific and they require great research, analysis and explanation. This article will …

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How to Write a Good Essay

Easy Eassy Writing

How can I write a good essay? And what are the steps involved in writing essays? These questions often arise in students’ mind. The answer to these questions is simple you have to follow simple rules of essay writing. These rules will help you a lot in organizing your thoughts and pen them down. You should have some knowledge of …

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How to analyze data in research

Analyzing data

Data analysis in research Research analysis is one of the main steps of the research process, it is by far the most important steps of the research. How to analyze the data is an important question that every researcher asks. The researcher collects the data using one of the qualitative or quantitative methods of data collection. Data analysis highly depends …

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How to Choose a Psychology Research Paper Topic

Psychology Research

What is psychology? Psychology is a broad subject area that focuses on the behavioral processes of human beings. Psychology is one of the main branches of science and in recent years it has been grown a lot. There are several branches of psychology that include abnormal psychology, behavioral psychology, educational psychology, children psychology and many more. The highest amounts of …

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What are the qualities of a good research topic

Research Paper

All the qualities of a good research topic are based on one factor that is specificity. Every research topic should specifically answer a research question.  Choosing the right question and the right research problem is the key to success for every research. Any absurdity, confusion, or loopholes in the research question and research problem will continue throughout the research. One …

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How to write literature review in a research

The literature review is one of the most important and integral part of any research study. It usually follows after the  research question and hypothesis. The purpose of literature review 1. Insight to the researcher The literature review is included in research for several reasons. The first and the most important reason for the literature review is that it provides …

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