Data Collection

Using Government Records for Research

Government records are very useful secondary source in the research. They provide large data that is otherwise cumbersome for the researcher to collect. Each of the government department collect data through census or other research that is often available for the researchers. For example, government departments like housing, social security, electoral statistics, tax records etc provide detailed statistics to the …

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Descriptive Qualitative Research Design

What is a descriptive qualitative research design? Qualitative description is another name for this research design. It can answer questions like what, who, where, and when. The answers to these questions are not possible form first hand experiments, or observations. Therefore, the researcher asks these questions from people who know about the phenomenon. Or gathers information from secondary sources like …

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Blinding and Masking

Blinding or masking in research refers to not informing the patients and/or the investigators about the treatment assessment. The reason for blinding and masking is to prevent subjective bias that can occur due to the knowledge of the assessment. The use of blinding and masking is most common in medical studies. Especially, when the outcomes of an intervention are studied. …

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Data Triangulation in Qualitative Research

Research glasses

Written by Saira Naeem Data triangulation in qualitative research is used as a means to make sure that the research is AffluentRobustComprehensive and Well developed What does data triangulation mean? Data triangulation is where the researcher uses two or more methods for the verification of the findings and results. Data triangulation is also called cross examination because it double or even triple checks …

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How to Cite Newspaper Articles?

To understand how to cite newspaper articles one needs to know the elements of citation that are present in the newspaper. Every newspaper has a name, the articles have a title and author name, editor name and page numbers. There are certain guidelines to follow to cite these elements when you are using a newspaper article in your research. You …

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