Drafting Research Paper

How to Write a Successful Research Paper

Research Paper

Written by Saira Naeem We all need to succeed in whatever we do in life. Whether it is on the academic, personal or professional front, we all want to be successful. However, success doesn’t come easily, success requires a certain frame of mind, an attitude, a motivation and a determination to do well in addition to knowledge and practice. Take …

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Mistakes and Errors in Research

mistakes and errors in research

Mistakes and errors in research may occur due to various reasons. Every research is susceptible to errors and mistakes. Broadly speaking there could be two reasons for these mistakes and errors: one because of laxity and negligence on part of the researcher, research team, or research supervisor; two it could be due to some human error that is not conscious. …

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Rules for Incorporating Quotations in Research

This article deals with the general rules for incorporating direct quotations in research. The use of quotations in research make your research paper more credible it also gives your paper scholarly look. However, the use of quotations in research should be done with caution. The students need to know the purpose of using quotations; how to use a quotation; how …

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Integrating Resource Information in Research Writing

The purpose of integrating resource information in research writing is to acknowledge the sources that you have used as an idea. The resource information in research includes all the sources that you have used in the introduction, review of literature, and results and discussions section. The documentation of these sources should be done accurately and in a specific manner. The …

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Starting to Write your Research Paper

Starting to write your research paper, may make you feel a little intimidated, as with any other piece of writing. The blank screen or page sometimes make you feel how and where to start writing. The first word or the first paragraph seems a little difficult but as you start writing you become more confident that you can do it. …

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Writing First Draft of Research Paper

Writing first draft of research paper After days of research you are ready to write the first draft of research paper. When you first start to write down the ideas and the information you have compiled over some time, it might seem difficult. There are a lot of people who are ready to write as they sit down. There are …

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Drafting the Body of Your Paper

Drafting the body of your paper means writing down all the information that you have collected, that includes notes, your analysis, statistics, and conclusions. By drafting the research paper we mean writing the research paper for the first time. You need to revise your draft several times before you have your final manuscript. Many students and their teachers prefer to …

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How to Record Notes for the Research Paper

To record notes for the research paper you need to have the bibliographic information of all the sources. These sources can be books, journals, CDs, magazines, newspapers, and websites. You have to preview the sources, skim the information, and finally note it down. The choice of whether to write down notes on paper or typewrite them on a computer is all …

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A Guide on How to Write a Research Paper

Research Writing

How to write a research paper? this is a daunting question for most of the new researchers because writing a research paper involves as much precision as undertaking it. Too many novice researchers make mistakes in documenting paper which ruins the whole research. To write a research paper, they should have some knowledge of the writing style that is acceptable …

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