Ethics in Writing

How to Avoid Bias in Research

Bias in research

What is bias in research A bias in research can be defined as an unfair and prejudiced interest or selection of one idea, solution, outcome, or person and group over the other. In bias the reason for the selection of a particular group or idea is not based on reason, logic, assumption, or judgement. The biased selection is always based …

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Responsible Conduct of Research

ethical issues in participant observation

In recent years what is responsible conduct of research and how it should be maintained is a question that has gained a lot of importance. A responsible conduct of research means an obligation that the researcher will abide by the rules, regulations and standards of responsible research criteria. UC Santa Barbara Office of Research defines responsible conduct of research as …

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Sharing of Research Results

Effective Academic Writing

Long time back it was a common practice by the scientists to hold research results and discoveries. they did not share research results due to a fear that if shared people will claim it as their own and get benefit form it. This was the time when researchers and scientists did not know how to share research discoveries while making …

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Intellectual Property rights in Research

Intellectual property in research

Intellectual property rights in research refer to the copyrights and patents that the researcher and the publisher claim and obtain to protect the work from misuse. Intellectual property is a legal right of the researcher as research has value to the researcher. No one has a right to use some one else’s research findings in ways that are not allowed …

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Research Authorship and Allocation of Credit

Research Authorship

What is research authorship Research authorship refers to the author or authors who have contributed to it and once the research is published there name appears as author name on the research. There can be a single author who did the research but many times there are two or more than two authors. Authors carry the responsibility of the research …

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Mistakes and Errors in Research

mistakes and errors in research

Mistakes and errors in research may occur due to various reasons. Every research is susceptible to errors and mistakes. Broadly speaking there could be two reasons for these mistakes and errors: one because of laxity and negligence on part of the researcher, research team, or research supervisor; two it could be due to some human error that is not conscious. …

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Research Advisors and Mentors

research advisers role in research

While conducting research as a student you need both research advisors and mentors. Research advisors help you in every step of the research from beginning till publication of research. Research mentors might help you on and off when you think you need some guidance. Students are very lucky to have a good research advisor who can assist the student in taking …

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Ethical and Legal Issues in Research

The ethical and legal issues in research are the most important considerations for every researcher. These issues should be considered on every step of the research: be it the problem formulation stage; data collection phase; or the data analysis and interpretation phase of the research. The researcher should take into account that none of the ethical and legal issues have …

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