Writing Style

Repetition in Academic Writing

repetition in academic writing

In academic writing, repetition of ideas, words, or phrases can bring monotony and make the writing redundant. There are however ways you can use to avoid this repetition in academic writing and make it more appealing to read. There are two ways the writer can introduce repetition in the research or other academic writing. One is when the writer repeats …

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Effective Ways to Improve Academic Writing

Effective Academic Writing

There are many effective ways to improve academic writing. Many of these ways students learn over time as they write academic research papers and essays. The good thing is that there are some effective techniques we need to know to write an academic writing. It is important to write effectively because through academic writing you communicate your ideas, findings, and …

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Essential Skills to Write a Research Paper

research skills

There are some essential skills required to write a research paper. Usually students have mastery to a certain extent over these skills, they learn these skills during their academic career. Research in itself helps the researcher gain more expertise in these skills. These skills may range from critical thinking, to creative writing, and problem solving to name a few. You …

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What is Academic Writing?

Academic Writing

Written by Saira Naeem What is academic writing? All of us can write,we write for various purposes. We write letters, jot down notes, post reminders, even update our statuses on social media platforms such as Facebook every day. So writing is a skill acquired over the years but it is something that we take entirely for granted. There are different …

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Writing Abstract in a Research Paper

Abstract is a precise and concise summary of the contents of the research paper or research article. The purpose of writing an abstract is to give the reader an idea about the research paper in general. It does not, however, describe anything in detail about the research paper. The reader can quickly get an idea, from reading an abstract, about …

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How to Write your Research Paper

Your main focus in deciding about the writing style in a research paper should be clarity. Write your research paper in a smooth, precise, continuous, and interesting manner. While you want to convey your message clearly you should also not forget that it should be interesting so the people can stay hooked to it until the end. There are no …

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Drafting the Body of Your Paper

Drafting the body of your paper means writing down all the information that you have collected, that includes notes, your analysis, statistics, and conclusions. By drafting the research paper we mean writing the research paper for the first time. You need to revise your draft several times before you have your final manuscript. Many students and their teachers prefer to …

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Writing Style in a Research Paper

The writing style in a research paper needs to be conventional and should abide by the guidelines provided by the institute. The aim of your writing should be to communicate properly to the audience. The text should feel organized and should flow smoothly. A good piece of writing follows a rhythm and flow and it has some sequence of ideas. …

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Kind of Notes for the Research Paper

There are basically four kinds of notes for the research paper that you might need to take. What kind of note do you need to take is a matter of your research paper requirement. You can also use a combination of any two types of notes for your research paper. The four kinds of notes for the research paper include paraphrase, …

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Writing Style in a Research

The writing style in a research paper should be one that focuses on the clear communication, straightforwardness and free of bias. Writing a research paper is quite different from writing any other work, you have to follow a specific style of writing through out your research paper. In order to be more accurate ask your teacher about any questions that …

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