Research Advise

Research Advisors and Mentors

research advisers role in research

While conducting research as a student you need both research advisors and mentors. Research advisors help you in every step of the research from beginning till publication of research. Research mentors might help you on and off when you think you need some guidance. Students are very lucky to have a good research advisor who can assist the student in taking …

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What a Research Paper is Not?

What a research paper is not? To understand what is a research paper the student must know what it is not. A research paper is a primary source of knowledge for other people. It reports original data, results, evaluations, and conclusions that the researcher performed. A summary of previously written book or paper A research is not a summary or mere …

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Kinds of Research

There are various kinds of research and they are classified in classes on the basis of their application, objectives, and usage. Here, we will classify research on the basis of its application. If you classify research on the basis of its objectives then you will have a different classification.  Pure research Basic or pure research starts from scientist’s drive to …

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