Effective Academic Writing
Effective Academic Writing

Effective Ways to Improve Academic Writing

There are many effective ways to improve academic writing. Many of these ways students learn over time as they write academic research papers and essays. The good thing is that there are some effective techniques we need to know to write an academic writing.

It is important to write effectively because through academic writing you communicate your ideas, findings, and conclusions to the readers. Here are some effective ways to improve academic writing:

Clarity and precision

Most important in academic writing is to write with clarity. Your writing is aimed to a group of reader. Your writing should make sense to the readers whom you are targeting your research. The complexity of language also depends on the readers’ understanding. If the readers of your research may not understand complex language write your research in simple language for their ease. Explain your points as much as your audience requires, for example, if you are writing for an audience that is composed of professors and academicians you do not need to explain tiny details. On the other hand, if you are writing for a layman you should write accordingly.

Along with clarity write precisely and concisely. Academic writing is fairly formal in nature therefore it should not be casual. You should write in active voice so it is more clear to understand.

Well constructed language

A good logical construction of sentences, paragraphs, and whole chapter is necessary. There are many good books that explain the process of English writing structure. They help a lot in understanding the structure of writing. Make a well organized paragraph that has a thesis statement and has an introduction and and an ending. Each paragraph should be a coherent whole while each paragraph that follows another paragraph should also make sense altogether.

Be original

Originality is an important aspect of effective academic writing. Especially research paper and essays require originality and authenticity. In any way plagiarism is a theft and a literary crime and can impact the overall reputation of the writer.

Make a layout and organize

Academic writing requires good organization skills and therefore you should organize your thoughts before proceeding to write in detail. Make a layout of your ideas and how you want it to to appear in your research. This layout will help you track your progress and stay on track. You need to submit your research work on time therefore you should give fair amount of time to each step of writing and stay organized.

Avoid repetition

Repetition makes your academic writing monotonous and less interesting to the reader. Avoid repetition and use different verbs, adverbs, and nouns and pronouns combination to make your writing interesting. Sometimes student try to exaggerate a point and they repeat it several times. However, they do not know that by doing so there writing becomes less trustworthy. Make important points standout in your writing but do not over repeat them.

Regardless of all the important points to consider while writing, sometimes we get stuck. This can happen with anyone even with those who are expert in academic writing and have published several research papers etc. This is so natural with all of us and, sometimes we need a break or change the way we are working on the project. Sometimes, we need help from another fellow-student, teacher, advisor, or someone who knows about the topic. A good discussion with another person who knows about the topic can help open up our mind on the topic. It also help us realize how we can deal with it in a better way.



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