How obesity affects your life

Facing the world with obesity is not that easy, obesity can make your life difficult but the good thing is that obesity is preventable. Obesity can lead you into many social, physical and psychological problems.

Social problems and obesity:

Obese people find it difficult to face social gatherings because lots of people taunt and poke fun of obese people. Obesity becomes a social stigma and people take obese people useless and in reality obese people can not perform several tasks that other people can. In shopping malls they cannot carry heavy grocery bags, they cannot climb stairs and they feel tired very soon, as a result people try to avoid them and they do not involve them in their tasks. They often feel deprived and lonely. Often people judge people by  their  appearance and people make fun of their appearance. In cliques friends feel like obese people are a burden and they cannot enjoy their life due to their presence. They cannot use the usual toilet seat and seats in parks, cinemas and malls are designed for normal weight people, obese people cannot fit in these areas. Due to the social problems they become alone and they hide themselves in their cocoons. It needs lots of confidence to face the world with obesity.

fat family
fat family

Physical problems and obesity:

Obesity affects your health and quality of life. Obesity is the main reason behind many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and some types of cancer. Sometimes obesity causes joint problems because of excess weight people feel tired and they cannot do similar chores that normal weight people can. Respiratory problems can also result due to obesity. People find it difficult to breathe if they are obese. These are only some problems and there might be other problems that obese people can go through, for example, dental problems can result because obesity is actually the result of eating lots of sugary food.

Psychological problems and obesity:

Mental and emotional problems can also occur due to obesity. Obese people feel great many emotional problems like anxiety, fear and depression. Hypertension is very common in obese people. In one of the study it was studied that whether obesity effects mental satisfaction  and it was found that most of the obese people suffered from hypertension too. Sleep problems can also result because people have fears and anxiety that cannot let them sleep normally. In our society thin person is thought to be most desirable and everyone wants to attain a size zero so if you are obese you won’t be able to feel relaxed mentally.



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  1. Diet plans will not work in the long run. You need to adopt healthy leifstyle changes that you keep for the rest of your life. Making these leifstyle changes will probably be difficult but you can do it! I will state the obvious first in that you must cut out junk food, fast food, and sodas. Starving yourself will not work either. You will have to find healthy foods that you enjoy and can eat in moderation. Lots of good sites on the web just search “healthy food recipes”.Then you need to add activity to your daily routine. You don’t need to kill yourself. Start with walking and build yourself up to where you can do more. This will help to increase your metabolism ( which is probably very slow right now) and burn more calories even while at rest. The key is to stick with it amd make it part of your healthy leifstyle.All this will take time but it will work in the end. Just keep visualizing your final goal and how happy you will be when you achieve it.Good luck!References :

  2. I really liked your comment because it is very useful and informative for people. Of course diet is not the only thing that can help you reduce fat but you have to maintain healthy lifestyle. I personally enjoy one serving of each type of food daily but with that I do lots of physical work and try to burn extra calories.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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