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How to Choose a Psychology Research Paper Topic

What is psychology? Psychology is a broad subject area that focuses on the behavioral processes of human beings. Psychology is one of the main branches of science and in recent years it has been grown a lot. There are several branches of psychology that include abnormal psychology, behavioral psychology, educational psychology, children psychology and many more. The highest amounts of researches in any field are undertaken in psychology around the world. Psychology is a broad area of study and one can conduct research in any one of the several areas of psychology. Research topics in psychology can be varied and most of these topics have broader application. Psychology research paper topic can be selected using the following criteria.

Choosing Research Paper Topic

There can not be a single way to choose research paper topics, it all depends on your knowledge, skills, perception and aptitude how you choose the topic. There are various ways by which you can select a topic and narrow it down. The msot basic procedure is as follows.

  1. Ask yourself in which branch of psychology you want to conduct the research study, for example, in behavioral psychology, educational psychology, abnornmal psychology or in adolescence delinquency. This will be definitely your first step in conducting the research. make sure that the field you have chosen is your favorite one and that you have enough resources to conduct a study in that field. Ask yourself these simple questions before going to the next step why you want to conduct the study in this field, what will be the benefits of conducting a study in this field.
    Selecting psychology research topic
    Brainstorm ideas
  2. The next step should be to decide abut the research topic and for this purpose you can use the brain storming procedure. The msot appropriate and the most suitable research topic can be generated in a single sitting and it can take many days. The idea about the write topic can come in to your mind at any time. Some times we spend lots of time thinking about the topic but we can not reach any conclusion but the idea comes unintentionally. When you decide the topic ask yourself what will be the benefits of conducting study on this topic and why you wnat to conduct the study on this topic.
  3. The last step in deciding about the topic is to make a research problem from the topic you have choosen. Making a research problem is necessary because psychology is a broad field and you should make a specific problem rather than choosing a whole topic for study. When you are sure about the research problem ask yourself why you want to conduuct the study on this research problem, where you will conduct the study, how long it will take to conduct this study, and when you can start the research.
  4. You should also narrow down your research problem to make it more specific to complete your research on time. This is necessary to conduct a good research study.




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