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How to Reach a Wider Audience for your Research?

You put months of hard work in research writing, editing, proofreading, and finalizing it. A little extra effort will help your research reach wider audience.

Identify the type of audience that can benefit from your research. Your audience can be academics, healthcare workers, business practitioners, general public etc. If your research reaches wider audience your research will get more citation and hence it will reach even more people.

Open access paper

There are many benefits of publishing your research paper in a journal that can provide open access to students and teachers. This will make it easy for a wider audience to read your research. As people who do not have subscription access to read your research can also read it.

In many underdeveloped countries researchers rely on free access articles to cite in their research. Since, it is not possible for them to get open access through their universities or other institutes. Libraries also do not provide as much material for research as in the developed countries.

Publication and writing online

In modern times, most importantly, you need to have an online social presence to have better audience. For this purpose you should write regularly and publish online. Other than your research paper you should write and share online any knowledge that you acquire . This will help you become part of communities that share common interest with you.

There are many academic blogs that can be a good place to share your thoughts, ideas, and content. Academic blogs provide you a platform to show your presence. You can also provide a link or URL of your research paper as a helpful way in these blogs.

Share it on your social media

Share your latest research article on your twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. You can share it on your social media after every few months so as to refresh the traffic about your paper.

Identify the target audience

You should know who is your audience that can benefit from your research. Share your research through mail, social media, in-person meet up etc, so that they can read and request them to further share it forward. Identifying even a few persons that are interested in reading your research can help you reach further people.

Benefits of publications and writing online

There are many benefits of publishing and sharing your content online. Your research can easily reach wider audience and you get feedback for improvement. Therefore, you have more opportunity to grow, improve your work, and learn from it. Academic blogs are very helpful in generating constructive discussion regarding any topic.

You can reach audience in unusual ways and this help you understand what is your target audience. You can gauge where is the audience mostly coming from and you can target your research and writing in that direction.

A very important benefit of online publication is that you are producing knowledge as a community. Even though you conducted a research solely but there are students, teachers, professors, other researchers, other academicians etc who will review your research. This will help them learn something new from your research and you will learn something new from their reviews.

You can link and connect with your audience once you know them. You will learn about them and their needs. Also it will help you understand what are the topics on which you should write.



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