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How to Write Great Articles Online

So many of us are good at writing and we want to make it our profession. Professional writing can be of various forms; you can write for a local newspaper, magazine or newsletter and become a journalist; you can do freelance writing online; you can provide service to the students by writing essays or research work or you can do copyrighting and proofreading.
Online writing or online freelance writing has become a craze because online writing is easier to do while staying at home and it helps you earn money. No matter how skillful you are at writing you should have some knowledge of online writing in order to be successful in this field. Online writing is just like writing for books, magazines, newspapers and journals but there are some tips and tricks of targeting large number of readers when you are writing online. The readers will use a search engine to find an article that they want to read so you should also have some knowledge of the search engines and how they rank articles, pages, blogs and websites. This is not difficult once you get acquainted with the tricks of traffic generation you will be able to use them to write effective and high rated articles.

10 steps to writing great articles online

Selection of topic

When you start writing on a topic you should have enough knowledge of the topic and the topic should be of your interest. You have to justify the topic and you cannot do it unless you are interested in writing on this topic. There is another factor to be considered the topic should have to be one that is in demand. There are several topics that you want to write and that you can write well but these topics are either not in demand or there is a huge amount of competition so you should better avoid those topics. There is already so much written on these topics that there is no need to write more. Suppose you want to write about where to find free images on the internet for your website there are several articles already available on the internet on this topic so you should either postpone the idea of writing on this topic or you should write about something similar but that is less in competition; suppose writing a topic on how to draw your own images for your website. The main idea is that you should try to grab topics that can help you monopolize the internet market. Check market trends what people are searching for and select topics accordingly. Google trends is a great place to search trends for different topics, it provides you details of the trend of the topic today and in the past.

Research your topic

Before starting to write anything on the topic you should do some research. This will help you know the article in a better manner. Research is a great way to write original, unique and trendy content. You might have enough knowledge on the subject but research will give you latest knowledge that can improve the effectiveness of your article. You can also add recent statistics related to your topic in your article this will also add to the quality of your article.

Perfect grammar

It goes without saying that you should write a perfect article that has no grammatical or spelling errors. An otherwise good article becomes a waste if the grammar is not correct. Check the punctuation, use of articles, spacing, spelling, sentence structure and paragraphing. Paragraphing is one thing that matters a lot and that many of us take for granted. Make well organized and easy to understand paragraphs and avoid using similar ideas in several paragraphs. Monotonous paragraphs will make the reader know that there is not enough content. The reader will never come back to your page or website if there are many grammatical errors.

Keywords selection

Keywords are the important words that describe the main theme of your article. The proper selection of keywords is crucial to the success of your article. You have to use the most effective keywords. There are several factors that you have to consider while deciding about the keywords and there are several methods by which you can select the right keyboards. You have to put the right keywords in the first paragraph and then the whole body. The last sentence of the article is also important and you should use the most relevant keyword there. You should use the most relevant keywords but do not overcrowd your article with the keywords as it lowers your impression on search engines. The quality of the article is also decreased if you use too many similar keywords in one article.


The title informs the readers your intentions or aims what you want to write. You should follow the rules of titling while writing down the title of the article or web page. The best practice is to use title case to write down the title but you can also use sentence case for titles. The titles should be free of any grammatical error. The title should also carry your keyword as title is the first thing that appears in the search engines.

Headings and subheadings

Use all of the H1, H2, and H3 tags so as to make your web page more prominent in the search engine list. Use the keywords in these tags as this will also make your website prominent. You can also use the H1 tag in the title.


Proofreading is necessary because it helps you know that there are no mistakes and the article is error free. You can do the proofreading by yourself or you can hire the services of someone else. The person who proofreads the article should have good command of english and he/she should have knowledge of the subject matter. All professional writers do proofreading so you should also adopt the habit of proofreading the articles.

Quality content

The content of your article is one thing that you should consider most. You should write only quality content and avoid plagiarism. You should also get copyright protection for your article so that no one can use it without your permission.

Unique content

The content should have to be unique and free of any copy work. The content should have to be purely yours and this is one important tip for the success of your article. There are software on the internet that can easily distinguish copied material so never try to use copied content in your article.

Use of media

Text alone cannot suffice you should use the media to make your article more effective. Use images, videos, graphs, tables or polls to improve the quality of your article and to make it more visible in the search engines. While using images or videos from online directories be careful to check whether the image is copyright free or copyright protected. Copyright free images should be used but the source must be specified as a matter of ethics. Those images and videos which are copyright protected should not be used because it is legally and ethically wrong to use such images and videos. Depending on the type of website you are writing for you can make graphs and tables and you can use poll to know the opinion of the readers. These are very strong tools that can increase the visibility and traffic of your webpage. It would be great if you use your own images for this purpose you can take photographs of objects and make a directory whenever you need to add an image choose one from your own collection. You can also use your personal videos that you captured some time in life. It is better to keep a record of precious videos so that you can use them sometime.



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