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Newborn Checklist for Travelling

Newborn checklist for travelling enlists all the things that you might need when you have to travel. You might need to travel in an emergency if you have a list of things you won’t forget anything important from keeping. Travelling with a newborn baby needs lots of preparation, for the baby is too young and you might not be able to buy things there. A list is really handy as it prepares you for any emergency. It also saves your time and fatigue in thinking about the things that you should keep in the baby bag. I once went to a hospital and forgot to keep a diaper for the baby. My baby soiled his diaper as soon as he reached the hospital and I had to change the diaper. There were no shop nearby and his appointment time was approaching. We traveled to another hospital in that vicinity and bought diapers. When we reached back to the hospital the doctor was gone and we had to go back home without any checkup. We got frenzied why it happened to us though it was not somebody else’s fault and we were responsible for it. On such occasions you think that being organized is important. A newborn checklist is necessary therefore.

Newborn Checklist

newborn checklistTravelling can become very troublesome if you do not have the essential things that your baby needs. Your newborn baby might need lots of things that include the following


Diapers are a must-have, even if you are going to a nearby place. The baby can soil the diaper at any time and you have to change it. A diaper rash cream should also be kept if you are going to a distant place. You might also need wet wipes, they are very handy. You can use them if water is not available. Baby oil might also be needed as it helps relieve dryness in the diaper area.  An organic cotton cloth may be needed to dry the moist skin after wash.

Baby clothes

Some essential article of clothes are necessary and that is my personal experience. You can keep a one-piece outfit for your baby as it takes less space, but you can also keep a shirt and a pajama. Going to a distant place you might also need a sleeper suit and a more shirts and pants or pajamas. You have to keep pairs of socks, shoes and a hat. In case it is winter you need lots of other things like mittens, wearable blanket and a sweater. It depends how far you are going and how long you will stay you have to keep the number of clothes accordingly.

Baby feeding

When the baby is on mother feed you do not need lots of equipment for feeding the baby. When your baby is fed on formula ilk or top feed you need lots of other things. For feeding the baby you need a baby feeder and the formula milk pack as well as a hot water container. Going to a far place you might need a sterilizer to sterilize the bottles and more than one baby feeder. A baby bottle brush to clean the bottle might also be needed.

Health essentials

There are some essential medicines  that you should always keep to yourself when you are going out with your baby. A pain killer is a must have when you are traveling and a nasal infant bulb might also be needed. You can also keep saline nasal drops if your baby’s nose gets blocked before feeding.  There might be some prescribed medicines and they should also be kept. A thermometer and a nail clipper are also handy.


The baby checklist can also include other things that are not essentially needed but are helpful. Sometime babies start to make a fuss, without any reason and you need some rattles, pacifier or a teething toy to relieve them. A toy that your baby loves to play can also be kept. There may be any other special object that your baby needs and it should always be in the bag when you go outside. Whenever you want to go somewhere with your baby you should do the preparation in advance to avoid chaos at the end.



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