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How to Publish Research Paper?

How to publish research paper in an international journal? There is a standard process that you need to follow to publish your research paper in an international journal. The researcher needs to know the process before he/she from the beginning of the research. Also, there is a need that the researcher strictly follows the criteria of good research. Some research journals have specific requirements related to publication. Therefore, the researcher should know from the beginning the journal where he/she wants to publish the paper. This will help in successful publication.

Following points will help you in the successful publication of your paper. These are some general guidelines that is also a requirement for writing a good research.


Quality is the must-have from the perspective of publication. You can assess the quality of a research in many ways. For example, the validness of the arguments and the research procedures; the authenticity of the findings; and reliability of the sources used in the research. The researcher needs to know how he/she can maintain originality throughout the research. It is necessary that the researcher has an extensive knowledge of how to maintain quality in the research.

Many times the publication companies reject research paper because they do not fit on the above mentioned criteria. Therefore, the researcher should also know the common reasons of rejection of the research.


The research paper should specify in words as well as from the content that how it is significant for the society. A research can have general or specific significance for some segment of the society. Otherwise, there is no reason to publish a paper that has no significance. There is no reason to write a duplicate research if it has already been verified several times. The publisher will most likely reject a researcher that is duplicate. Because, it will not add to the available knowledge.

Journal guidelines

Every journal has some specific guidelines related to the publication of research. These guidelines may relate to the formatting or the quality of the content in the research. You need to ask the publisher of the journal about these guidelines before you write your research. You can find most of these information on the web-page of the relevant journal. Most of the research journals have a web-page on their website related to “how to submit”.

The formatting of the research paper require you follow a strict rule for page margins, spacing, header and footer, paper size etc. You may need to write a cover letter to explain your research. A cover letter is a short and precise letter about your research and why you want it to be published in that journal.

Submission and revision

You can submit a hard copy or an electronic copy of your research paper to the journal. Most journals today ask for an electronic copy so that they can easily send copies to several people who can review it. They may inform you who is reviewing your research or may not it depends on the criteria of the journal. They inform you about the decision and once your research gets approval it will get published.



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