Effective Academic Writing
Effective Academic Writing

Sharing of Research Results

Long time back it was a common practice by the scientists to hold research results and discoveries. they did not share research results due to a fear that if shared people will claim it as their own and get benefit form it. This was the time when researchers and scientists did not know how to share research discoveries while making sure that other people use it in a fair way. It was late in the 17th century when publication of research became a common practice when scientists realized that they can share their results and discoveries while maintaining authorship and intellectual property rights. Sharing of research results made it possible for other people to do more research and add to the knowledge. The rules regarding citation and crediting the author or the owner of the work were established.

The benefit of sharing the research results are many but most obviously when other people use someone’s work in their research they credit the author. In this way the author of the original work become much more known than if he/she did not share it publicly. There are many ways in which the author can make sure that other researchers will use his/her work in a fair way.

When an author uses another author’s work the first author credits the source and in this other researcher are able to locate the source. They can read the main source and the knowledge is shared. I t is easy to use an author’s work in your research without giving due credit but it is illegal, unethical, and called as plagiarism.

It is a liability on the researcher that he/she properly cites the main source. Though some researchers cite the source but carelessly and there are mistakes in the citation. When you carelessly cite the main source you did not credit the source in the right manner. Other people who want to follow the source would not be able to reach it. This will create a very bad impression of you as a writer. The citation style you are following in your research should remain same throughout the manuscript.

In today’s tech-world there are many ways you can share your research results other than just the publication of the research paper. The researcher can share research results through videos, seminars, discussions in a forum, conferences, or online tools. TED talk is a good way now a days to share any new advances or knowledge. There are many other ways but again you should feel responsibility in sharing the right knowledge through any tool. Whatever tool you use to share your research results, knowledge today can be dispersed more easily and more readily than ever before.

The researcher can share the research results before even the research is published but it should be done with caution. The results or the research findings should not be published on more than one journal. It is unethical to publish your research on one journal and before publication share the results on another journal.



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