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Understanding Data Collection in Research

difficult part of research

Written by Saira Naeem When doing research you are going to hear the words data and data collection often enough, you are going to be asked what your data is? How you are going to gather the requisite data? What methods have you used to collect the data? What were your sources of data?  And so on. Therefore, instead of …

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Treatment of Data in Research

The correct treatment of data in research is important in maintaining the authenticity, reliability, and accuracy of the research. Inaccurate treatment of data can be done in many forms and in different intensity. A data that has been totally altered or produced without any real experiments is called a fraudulent data. Presenting fraudulent data in a research will not only …

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How to Select a Data Collection Method

The right choice of data collection method is inevitable to the success of the research. There are various factors that need to be looked before deciding about the best data collection method. Basically, there are two data collection methods; primary and secondary data collection methods. Most of the researchers either use any one method from the primary sources of data …

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Data Collection: Problems with Using Secondary Sources

Research Data Collection

In research secondary sources of data collection and information are as important as primary sources. There are several reasons for that, in many cases primary data is not available and therefore the researcher uses secondary sources. In other researches the researcher knows that the secondary sources are as much reliable as primary sources and therefore he uses secondary sources. Secondary …

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How to Collect Data Using Secondary Sources in Research

Secondary sources of data collection

There are primary, secondary and tertiary sources of data collection in research. Primary sources of data collection is popular because of their greater authenticity and reliability. Secondary sources of data collection are used when primary sources are not available. In some cases primary sources are available but due to time or other constraints the researcher is forced to use the …

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Primary Data Collection Methods

primary data collection methods

Primary data collection methods make it possible for the researcher to gather first hand evidence about the topic. These methods provide a way to collect as close to authentic as possible research data. The researcher can use primary data, secondary data, or tertiary data in the research. But primary data collection methods are the best to use in scientific research. …

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