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Criterion Sampling in Research

Criterion Sampling

Criterion sampling involves the selection of sample based on some pre-established criteria. This criteria is of importance to the research in most significant way. This kind of sampling helps researcher study a very specific or narrow criteria and understand the implications of it. This enables the researcher study the criteria in depth and with emphasis. How to do criterion research? …

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General Strategies for Sample Selection

Sample selection

What are some general strategies for sample selection? Why the right selection of sampling method is so important for any research? There are two broad classifications of sampling procedures: random and non random sampling. Both of these methods have several techniques and researcher select a technique that is most pertinent to their research. Sometimes there are more than one sampling …

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Sampling in Research Studies

Sampling in research Sampling in research is the process of drawing sample of a desired size from the population. A sample is a specimen that is representative of the population from which it has been selected. A sample can be taken from a population for various end-uses: in statistics sample of data is taken to draw conclusion about the whole …

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How to Calculate Sample Size in a Research

Sample size

This is a very important question that what should be your sample size? In any study there are various factors that affect your sample size.  You have to know these factors and determine your sample. You can keep your sample size large if the study requires greater accuracy. You can keep the sample size small if you are short of …

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Sampling Terminologies

The process of selecting a sample can be made easier if you know some sampling terminologies related to sampling. Sample is  part of the population and to draw sample from the population you need to decide about the sample size. There is a formula to decide about the sample size. To find out sample size using that formula you need …

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Sampling Types in Research

sampling type

The broad sampling types in research include random and non-random sampling. Probability sampling and non probability sampling are other names for these two types of sampling. If a researcher combines both random and non-random sampling techniques in one study it is a mixed sampling. With in these broad categories of sampling methods there are many other sub categories. You need …

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Sampling Principles in Research

To make the process of sampling more accurate, valid and reliable some sampling principles can be used. The process of sampling in research is governed by three principles. It should be kept in mind that sampling can only provide an estimate of the population mean and population parameters and in majority of cases there will be some difference between population …

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