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Accidental Sampling in Qualitative Research

Accidental sampling is a type of non-random sampling. There are many types of non-probability sampling and the selection of a technique depends on the nature and type of the study. Process of accidental sampling In most of the research studies the population is large. Therefore it is impossible to have all the population participate in the study. So, in every …

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Convenience Sampling in Qualitative Research

Convenience sampling

Convenience sampling is a type of non-probability sampling. In this technique the researcher selects sample on the basis of convenience. This makes it easier for the researcher to select any sample that is available. But on the other hand the sample is non-random and therefore based on availability. This makes it less generalizable than any other randomly selected sample. When …

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Purposeful Sampling in Qualitative Research

purposeful sampling

Purposeful sampling is a non-random sampling technique that utilizes a specific criteria or purpose to select particular sample. The researcher may use one or more than one strategies or criteria to select the sample. The aim is to collect in depth information from the right respondents. Principles of purposeful sampling The basic principle of purposeful sampling is that information is …

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Quota Sampling in Qualitative Research

Criterion Sampling

Quota sampling is a type of non-probability sampling in statistics and research. It is somewhat similar to stratified sampling except that it is a non-random sampling method. Its use is more common when there is no obvious sampling frame available or the researcher has a low budget and less time to undertake the research. Sampling process The method for sample …

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Sampling Types in Research

sampling type

The broad sampling types in research include random and non-random sampling. Probability sampling and non probability sampling are other names for these two types of sampling. If a researcher combines both random and non-random sampling techniques in one study it is a mixed sampling. With in these broad categories of sampling methods there are many other sub categories. You need …

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