Thesis Statement in a Research Paper

A thesis statement presents the main idea of your research paper to the readers. It helps you stay focused and close to the main purpose of your research. So when you write your research paper all arguments should revolve around this main idea. You can write it in the first or second paragraph of your research paper. Your thesis statement can be one or two sentences long. Basically, it tells the readers about the topic of your research and how you are going to approach that topic.

Important consideration about thesis statement

  • Be specific and concise
  • Use clear, easy to understand language
  • Write it in the right place (beginning or end)
  • Make it fit smoothly between the text
  • Provide your position on the topic

Is it specific?

Your thesis statement should be specific and direct the reader to the main idea of the research paper. Read it again and again and look for any need to refine your statement. Make it as long as it can easily conveys the main message of your research. Also do not necessarily make it long with words that are not required.

On the other hand if you write too general statement you will find it difficult to fulfill it. A general statement will yield too many dimensions that are difficult to study in one research paper. So ask yourself do you need to narrow your statement to make it practical. Overall, a broad too general statement can break into many statement, where each of them can be studied separately.

Is it clear?

Clarity in the thesis statement comes with the use of the write language. A clear statement helps you and helps the reader understand the main aim of the research.

  1. Avoid the use of words that are unnecessary and that can complicate the meaning of your statement.
  2. Also avoid too technical language unless your research paper is about something very technical.
  3. Always keep your audience in your view and this will help you use the write language.
  4. Do not use vague, double-meaning, and abstract words in the statement. This will also help make your statement specific.

Where to place it?

Technically, you can place your thesis statement in the beginning, middle, or end of your research paper. But what is the best position that can help you write an effective research paper? It is better to write your statement in the beginning or if not possible in the middle of the research paper. Better try not to move it to the end of your research paper. Because your reader will understand the aim of your research paper from your thesis statement. If it is in the beginning or middle it will be easier for the readers to understand your research paper.

A thesis statement that is in the beginning of the research paper is called a deductive statement. While a statement that is in the end of the research paper is called inductive statement.

How it appears in text?

Your statement should smoothly fit in the text, at the same time it should give strong idea about the research that one cannot get from any other single statement in your research.

How it defines your study?

If your teacher gives you a topic or a problem to writer an essay or a paper, you have to decide how you are going to approach this topic. You have to decide what are your opinion or research on that topic and how you are going to explain it. Your thesis statement should be that statement that tells how you are analyzing, explaining, or exploring this topic. Therefore, a thesis statement should summarize your findings, opinions, or research. When you write the conclusions of the research paper it should also be highly relevant to the thesis statement.

The type of thesis statement you write in your research paper depends on the type of the research itself.

  • In an explanatory research paper your thesis statement should explain your position on the topic.
  • On the other hand in an analytical research paper the thesis statement is also analytical and analyzes the topic.
  • While in an argumentative research paper a thesis statement provides valid argument that you justify with your research.



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