Tips for making the best snacks for obese children at home

Obesity leads you into trouble as what to give to your children and what to not. You need to avoid all those fried, sugary and refined food that your child loves to eat. You should give only homemade snacks to your children. In homemade snacks try to use as much healthy ingredients as possible. There are lists of healthy food on the internet that you can give to your children as snacks. In general snacks are not good for health as most snacks are rich in fats, carbohydrates and other useless food components. You should have to be very selective in choosing the right snacks.

There are some tips for choosing the right snacks for your children.

Try to omit all those unhealthy snacks from your refrigerator. Keep only healthy food so that kids can only eat healthy.

Read literature related to healthy food to choose the right food. In general the lesser the fatty, sugary and refined food in your diet, the more your child will lose weight.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best alternative to unhealthy snacking. Keep these foods available in your refrigerator at any time so that kids can eat when they are hungry.

Make salads without heavy dressing only add some salt and pepper. Add some lemon juice and olive oil that can help you lose weight.

Low-fat yogurt and skimmed milk are another very healthy idea for snacking. Yogurt and milk are rich in calcium and calcium is very important for growth of your child.

Oatmeal food is also low in calories and high in protein and fiber. Oatmeal muffins, oatmeal cupcakes and other oatmeal recipes can be made for snacks.

Rather than making usual cakes try something different but low in calories like salad cake or other salty cakes.

In baked recipes try to use whole wheat rather than using all purpose flour. This small change will make the greatest difference in your health. Try to omit all those white and refined  products  from  snacks.

The size of snacks should have  to be  small , do  not make snacks as big as regular meals.




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  1. Eat lots of fruit and veggies! If you don’t like them by tslehemves, you could get a light veggie dip, some carmel sauce (like for ice cream) for apples, or even put peanut butter on celery or apples! Eating fruits or veggies by them self can be pretty unfulfilling, but when you it with a carb like PB, it still stays healthy and gives you energy at the same time.*and if you’re concerned about the fat in PB, it’s actually fat that is good for you. your body can easily digest it, and its natural. there’s always the low-fat version, too.If you still want to eat chips, go for the baked variety! They’re delicious, and WAY healthier!Yogurt, or even a homemade fruit smoothie are also great options!If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

  2. I agree that healthy snacks can be made at home and there is always low-fat version available in the market. It depends on what you purchase when you go out do not put any fatty packaged items in the basket when you are shopping for grocery. There is also good fat like omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids, choose food that contains such fat. Well thanks for stopping by here 🙂

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