How to trim your baby’s nails for the first time

Trimming your baby’s nails for the first time is not a difficult task. You should take some caution as newborn babies have soft and thin skin that can get trimmed along with the nail. A bruise or cut can bleed and hurt your baby. Parents are often excited about their newborn baby, especially if they are becoming parent for the first time. They should understand that if they are not confident of trimming the nails they can get someone else’s help.

How to do it

Trimming your baby’s nails will be easy if you follow the following steps.

  1. When your baby comes home from the hospital the baby will have long nails that need to be trimmed. Nails grow differently in different babies parents should observe when there is a need to trim them. Your baby’s nails seem soft but in reality they are not. They are sharp and their edges can scratch your baby’s skin. Babies often scratch their face because they use their hands when they are awake.
  2. Use a baby nails clipper rather than using any nail cutter. There are baby clippers available in the market that is small in size and easy to use for babies. Keep the nails clipper dry so that it does not get rusty.
  3. The best time to clip the nails is the day time; during day time you have enough light to cut nails without giving any cut to your baby’s skin. Alternatively you can cut nails after giving bath to your baby because after bath the nails become soft. Some babies are very active and they do not let their hands held firmly so you can trim nails at night when he is sleeping.
  4. Take your baby out in the sunshine and hold the finger firmly while trimming the nails. Your baby might move his hands and can get a bruise; babies often move their hands again and again.
  5. Do not keep the edges of the baby’s nails straight rather trim them making a curve at the end. When nails are trimmed straight their edges are sharp and sharp edges can cause scratches on your baby’s face.
  6. Babies take their hands in their mouth so wash your baby’s hands thoroughly with tap water so that none of the trimmed nails remain between fingers.
  7. In case your baby’s skin gets hurt during trimming the nails you should readily clean the skin with an alcohol swab. Wrap a tissue paper for some time around the area that is bleeding. Wait for the blood to stop bleeding and then remove the tissue paper.



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