What is a Research Scope

What is research scope? How does it impacts the overall study? How to know the scope of your study?

These are some important questions to ask yourself before you begin your study. It has impact on the overall study. It shows the significance of your study. Basically, the scope of a study defines the depth of your study to others. On the other hand, to you it tells the extent of your study. In other words it marks boundaries of your research and keeps you on track.

In every study you have to explicitly write the scope. Also with the scope you should write the limitations as well. Combined, scope and limitations define how far you have researched a topic. You should define and write the scope in the beginning phase. Otherwise, you will find a lot of ambiguity in understanding the research.

You need to look at your study question and objectives to decide about the scope. Therefore, first you need to write clear research question and objectives. Then you can decide about the scope and the limitations of your study. Ask your research supervisor if you are not sure about the clarity of your wordings.

Why write research scope?

There are many reasons why defining the scope of your study is so important. It has importance for you and for the readers as well. Therefore, you should write it in a very clear, precise, and to the point manner.

  • It provides boundaries to your research and helps you keep on track during the research. You do not wander from one point to another rather you limit yourself to the scope of your study.
  • Also, it gives depth to your research question because you stay with in the limit of it. And makes it easy for you to narrow own your research topic, off course, this is very important for your research.
  • Research is a work of clarity and objectivity. And, it brings objectivity and precision to your research.
  • Once you finish your study you can evaluate your study on the basis of your defined scope. You can check whether you achieved your goals or not.




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