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research paper

What is a Research Paper?

What is a research paper and why researcher write it? A research paper documents an investigation that a researcher has done in a particular field. It documents the whole process and the the outcomes. Since, it is important to document what you have done in your research. Documentation help other researchers who want to conduct research on a relevant topic.

A research paper begins with a valid and researchable question. The researcher formulates a hypothesis and develop a study plan. This study plan is the methodology that the researcher will follow in the research. Once the research is complete the researcher evaluates the research results and conclude whether the hypothesis proved true or false. Of course, he/she needs to document the whole process and the conclusion.

The aim of every researcher is to publish the research in a reputable research journals. For this purpose the researcher reads about the specific requirements of the journal where he wishes to publish his research. Once published, the research is available to a selected audience, it adds to the available knowledge in the particular field.

Types of research paper

There are many types of research paper depending on the type of the writing. Some of the most common types are as following.

Survey report

Survey report is a very common type of research, most commonly it is used in social science research, economics, psychology etc. This is completely first-hand research and it is usually conducted in the field. The researcher uses observations, questionnaires, or interviews as survey techniques.


This type of paper has a hypothesis and the researcher tests it using experiments. And the results of the experiment define the outcomes of the research. This type of research is very common in medical science and psychology.


Argumentative paper describes two sides of a situation or a phenomenon. Then it tells why one side of the argument is more reasonable and logical to side. So, to prove your side of the argument you need to provide sufficient logic to support it.


This type of research paper analyzes different viewpoints about one situation or phenomenon. The researcher does not prove one point over other but he provides the readers with different views. Lastly, the researcher makes some logical conclusions from those viewpoints.

Cause and effect

This type of paper studies a phenomenon and sees what causes it to happen. Most of the times students have to write a cause and effect paper during their early academic year. This helps them understand “why” one thing causes another or “what” is the relationship.


A descriptive paper describes a phenomenon and explains facts related to the phenomenon. This type of research does not analyzes the facts but only explains and describes the available knowledge.

These are some types of research papers and there are many other types. For example, technical reports and case studies are also a type of research so one can write a research paper of these types.



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