Writing Abstract in a Research Paper

Abstract is a precise and concise summary of the contents of the research paper or research article. The purpose of writing an abstract is to give the reader an idea about the research paper in general. It does not, however, describe anything in detail about the research paper. The reader can quickly get an idea, from reading an abstract, about the research.

In general, the style and the requirement of writing an abstract are same but you can ask your research adviser about any specific do’s and don’ts about the abstract. If you plan to publish your research in a specific journal, know about their requirements for the abstract as well. Most scholarly journals ask for an abstract in a research paper/article.

Significance of writing abstract

There a re a lot many reasons the abstract should be their in your research paper some of them are listed below:

  • A well-written abstract is the most important paragraph in your whole research. It concisely explains everything about your research. Though, this also means that writing abstract is not easier done. You should know what are the elements of your research that you should add in the abstract that can make it concise but precise. A poorly written abstract is of no use for your research.
  • An abstract can inform the reader about your research in a single paragraph. Today most of the readers who are interested in a topic first read the abstract and then decide whether they want to continue reading or not.
  • The readers can retrieve your research paper or research article from abstracting databases. This makes it easier for the readers to get to know about an article easily.
  • Abstract gives an idea to the prospective online buyers of a research paper and research article whether they should buy this article or not. This also means that your abstract should be a true reflection of your research. Your abstract can make your research more or less worthy of reading if it is written poorly.
  • Your keywords in the abstract can help the readers find it online.

What is a good abstract?

Generally speaking, concise, clear, and direct are the words that best describe a good abstract. The following should be the qualities of a good abstract:

  • Abstract should be brief and concise, utilize each and every word and phrases in your abstract. Your abstract should provide information so you do not need to write sentences that just make your abstract lengthy. You do not have to repeat any information in your abstract. Use only those keywords that you think the users will search online. Explain about the concepts, findings, and results in brief so that the reader can get an idea about your research.
  • Accuracy is also very important in you research abstract. There should be accuracy or language, writing style, wording, and accuracy of ideas that are present in the research. The abstract should accurately portray your research paper.
  • The purpose of writing abstract is not to present findings and evaluation of your research paper. Do not present evaluations in the research abstract but you can provide the main results of the study.
  • Use one or more paragraphs but they should be coherent, unified, and readable. The readers should be able to understand the language of your abstract do not make the abstract unnecessarily complex.
  • A good abstract should be organizational in nature. Write a thesis statement first and then the body of the abstract and last the conclusive statement.

What to write in an abstract

Writing abstract in research paper
Writing Abstract for research

Your abstract may contain one or more than one paragraph, never write abstract in numbered or other listed form. The abstract should contain the following information:

  • Your abstract should begin with the problem under study. The problem should take no more than one sentence of the abstract.
  • Use one or more sentences to specify about the materials of the research. Write about the population and sample and the characteristics of the sample.
  • Write one or more sentences about the methods employed in the research. Use strong keywords that readers might use to search for in electronic databases.
  • The major findings of the research needs to be specified but do not try to write lengthy evaluations of the research. an abstract is non-evaluative, your evaluation should be reserved for the main body of the research.
  • Write one sentence about the conclusion of your research.
  • There can be one sentence about the applications and significance of the study. You can specify here the people or the area where the findings of this study can be applied.


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